SKU: VD-3260-G

Size: 30 X 60"
Option: LEFT
Sale price$479.99


Discover our 60 x 30" alcove shower base, an exceptional option that stands out on the market. This shower base combines elegance, durability and practicality to create an exceptional shower space in your bathroom.


Reinforced Acrylic: The shower base is made of high quality reinforced acrylic, providing a non-slip, durable and easy to clean surface. This base will effectively withstand daily wear and tear, while maintaining its new appearance.

Dimensions: This shower base offers the possibility of replacing an old alcove bathtub in sizes 60 x 30", well beyond the standard dimensions. 

Alcove installation: The shower base is designed for alcove installation, making it ideally suited to many bathroom layouts. Its elegant design fits harmoniously into your space while providing a practical solution.

Molded Flanges: Molded flanges add a finishing touch to the shower base while preventing water from draining out of the shower. 

Whether you are planning to renovate your bathroom or build a new one, the 60 x 30" alcove shower base is an excellent choice. Its rare size, durability thanks to reinforced acrylic and its installation design in alcove make it a leading option for creating a limited-size shower. Transform your bathroom into a place of relaxation now.

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