SHOWER BASE 36 X 60" - DRAIN 12 X 12"

SKU: VD-6036-1212-G

Size: 36 X 60"
Option: LEFT
Sale price$499.99


Discover our innovative shower base designed for corner showers, offering a practical and stylish solution for your bathroom. This reinforced acrylic shower base, measuring 36 x 60 inches, is specially designed to fit older Neo round or Neo angle style corner showers, without relocating your existing drainage system.


Reinforced Acrylic: The shower base is made from high quality reinforced acrylic, providing a durable surface that is easy to maintain and resistant to daily wear and tear. You can count on its long-term durability.

Spacious Dimensions: With dimensions of 36 x 60 inches, this shower base provides generous space to enjoy a comfortable and luxurious shower. You will have plenty of space for a comfortable shower.

Choice of Left or Right drain: You can choose the drain configuration that best suits your bathroom, either left or right, to fit your existing space.

Drain Location: The most distinctive feature of this shower base is its corner drain, measuring 12 x 12". This design allows the shower base to be installed in the corner of an existing shower, without requiring major modifications to the shower system. drainage.This makes it easy to update your bathroom while preserving the integrity of your original drainage installation.

Transform your bathroom with this innovative shower base, which offers a practical and stylish solution for upgrading your existing corner shower to a rectangular shower. Its reinforced acrylic, spacious dimensions and choice of drain configuration make it an ideal choice for an enhanced shower experience, without the hassle of rearranging. Enjoy comfort and style with our shower base suitable for older Neo round or corner showers.

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