Size: 10"
Sale price$449.99


Discover our 4-piece bath-shower faucet set, a complete solution that combines style, functionality and durability for your bathroom. This chrome bath shower faucet is designed to provide an unparalleled bathing or showering experience, with premium features.


  • 4 Piece Set: This bath shower faucet set includes four essential elements for a complete experience. It is composed of a solid brass valve, a rain shower of your choice 10 or 12 inches for an enveloping and relaxing experience, a practical hand shower for targeted rinsing and a spout to fill your alcove bathtub.
  • Design Modern : The bath shower faucet sports a sleek chrome finish that will fit seamlessly into any modern bathroom decor. Its contemporary aesthetic brings a touch of sophistication to your space.
  • Balanced Pressure Cartridge: The pressure-balanced ceramic cartridge is guaranteed for life, providing unparalleled protection against sudden temperature changes, ensuring a safe and comfortable bathing or showering experience.
  • Rain Shower and Handheld Shower: You have the choice between a rain shower 10 or 12 inches for an enveloping shower experience, as well as a practical hand held shower for varied uses.
  • Filling Nozzle: The bath spout makes it easy to fill your alcove bathtub. Its elegant design adds a touch of refinement to your bathroom.

This four-piece bath and shower faucet set is designed to provide an exceptional bathing or showering experience. Its brass valve, pressure-balanced cartridge, shower options and filler spout make it a versatile and reliable choice for your bathroom. Transform your bath into a luxurious experience with this modern bath shower faucet that strikes the perfect balance between functionality and elegance.

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