Size: 10"
Sale price$299.99


Discover our Model D20 2-piece shower faucet set, a simple and elegant solution that offers you an exceptional showering experience. This matte black shower faucet is designed to combine style, functionality and durability, with high-quality features for your bathroom.

Features :

  • 2 Piece Set: This shower faucet set includes two essential elements for a complete shower experience. It is composed of a brass valve, a guarantee of solidity and reliability, and a rain shower of your choice. 10 or 12 inches for an enveloping shower experience.
  • Stylish Design: The shower faucet sports a sleek matte black finish that will blend in perfectly with your bathroom decor. Its clean aesthetic brings a touch of sophistication to your space.
  • Pressure Valve with Ceramic Cartridge: The pressure valve is combined with a lifetime guaranteed ceramic cartridge, providing unrivaled protection against sudden temperature variations, ensuring a safe and comfortable showering experience.
  • 10" or 12" Rain Shower: You have the choice between a rain shower 10 or 12 inches for an enveloping and relaxing shower experience. No matter what size you choose, you'll enjoy soothing rain to fully relax.

This two-piece shower faucet set is the ideal solution for those looking for a simple, reliable shower faucet without compromising on quality. Its sleek design, brass valve, ceramic cartridge, and shower options make it a versatile choice for your bathroom. Transform your showering experience into a luxurious one with this shower faucet that strikes a perfect balance between functionality and elegance.

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