Grandeur: 59"
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Discover the VOLO freestanding bath model, a versatile option that offers you the possibility of installing your faucets on the edge of the bath, while placing the latter in the desired location in your bathroom.


  • White acrylic finish: The VOLO model shines with its glossy finish, evoking purity and modernity, adding a touch of elegance to your space.
  • Dimensions: 59", 63" or 67"
  • Versatile installation: Thanks to its freestanding design, the VOLO model allows you to install your faucets directly on the edge of the bath, offering flexibility in the layout of your room and easy access to water.
  • Pop-up drain: Equipped with a pop-up drain system, this bath offers a convenient and hassle-free bathing experience, ensuring efficient water drainage for optimal comfort.
  • Integrated overflow: The integrated overflow ensures your peace of mind by preventing any risk of overflow, allowing you to relax with complete peace of mind during your bath.

The VOLO model is the ideal solution for those looking for versatility and customization in their bathroom. With its glossy white acrylic finish, its varied dimensions, its possibility of installing faucets on the bath and its practical characteristics, it is designed to enhance your bathroom space.

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